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Drive further value and retention for your customers with our suite of quality, debt-protection products. Our products are unique and proven tools that help you and your sales team to differentiate your dealership from the competition. We offer smart, reliable, and responsible debt protection to all those who choose your dealership for their next vehicle lease or purchase.

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    Here’s what we can offer you:

    Boost customer confidence

    WALKAWAY Finance Protection™ and WALKAWAY Total Loss Protection™ take the pressure off of big-ticket purchases by providing customers with peace of mind knowing they have protection if the unexpected occurs.

    Expand & retain your customer base

    Our products are available to every individual, regardless of age, driving record, credit score, health, or employment history. Our products also have a history of increasing retention and customer referrals. 

    Differentiate from the competition

    You’ll have a truly unique, and legitimate offering to help you build a loyal customer base.

    Increase goodwill

    Strengthen your relationships with your customers by offering comprehensive and consumer-focused coverage that is designed and proven to pay claims.

    Here’s what you can offer your customers

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    WALKAWAY Finance Protection™ is a unique product that provides consumers with the financial flexibility they need when an unexpected life event occurs. It offers consumers a cost-effective way of structuring their automotive lease or finance contract so they have flexible options in a time of need. This product is the world’s first vehicle return program and has pioneered a new industry. WALKAWAY Finance Protection™ products help people get out of vehicle loans and leases when they experience one of the life interruptions the program covers.

    Total Loss

    If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, your primary auto insurer may choose to write your vehicle off and pay you an amount equal to the market value of your vehicle. In some cases, this payout won’t be enough to cover the balance of what you still owe on your auto loan or lease. This is often the case if you’ve financed for a long period of time, added debt from a prior auto loan into your current auto loan, or if you have a high interest rate on your loan. This is where WALKAWAY Total Loss Protection can help. It’s designed to reduce or eliminate the balance owing on your auto loan or lease after applying the payment from your primary auto insurer.

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    Join the thousands of dealerships across Canada enhancing their customer experience with our products

    Join the thousands of dealerships across Canada enhancing their customer experience with our products