Lender and OEM Solutions

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We have a variety of customized and off-the-shelf wholesale and private-labeled insurance solutions that help OEMs, OEM captive lenders, and banks stand out amongst their competitors, limit their risk exposure, earn fee income, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Excess Wear and Tear

Excess Wear and Tear Solutions are an effective way to manage the lease-end customer experience. The lease-end waiver modifies the obligation of the lessee to pay for excess wear and tear charges at the end of their lease. It gives customers the peace of mind in knowing they won’t have to worry about the odd door ding, windshield chip, or rim scuff when they turn their vehicle in and consider another. Providing an opportunity to protect that obligation helps facilitate a seamless leasing experience.

Lease Portfolio GAP

Protect your lease portfolio with blanket GAP insurance that provides coverage against a total loss to a vehicle within your portfolio. This type of risk transfer allows a lender to transfer balance sheet risk to an insurer and free up capital. We have protected over 100,000 leases across eight different vehicle brands.

Guaranteed Asset Protection
(Retail GAP)

Our retail Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) product is the leading product in the market in terms of benefits, price-to-value, quality, and sales volume. As the largest distributor of GAP in Canada, we have experience developing customized or private-labeled solutions to meet the specific needs of OEMs and lenders, or providing a turnkey, ready-to-use solution.

Vehicle Return Program

Our Vehicle Return Program is the first vehicle return insurance of its kind, designed to insure negative equity. As the pioneers of vehicle return insurance, we can provide both a turnkey solution that can be implemented easily and efficiently or a customized and private-labeled solution that addresses the specific needs of an OEM or lenders. Over the last 20 years, our coverage has helped settle over $100M in automotive debt across Canada alone.