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Even more added value for vehicle leases

Sometimes during the course of your vehicle lease, you’ll find that your current vehicle just doesn’t suit your needs or lifestyle anymore. Insurance Insight Inc. and LeaseBusters have recently created another valuable benefit for all full-term WALKAWAY Finance Protection™ certificate holders who lease a vehicle. Customers who have not made a claim under their WALKAWAY certificate will be entitled to register their vehicle on without paying the registration fee of $299. logo

How does it work?

LeaseBusters conducts an evaluation.

LeaseBusters evaluates the market position of the current lease to determine if the lease-take-over buyers will consider the lease attractive.

Vehicle and lease package exposure.

The vehicle and lease package is exposed to tens of thousands of qualified lease-take-over buyers visiting the listing details page on as well as partner sites.

A buyer is found.

A lease-take-over buyer is found and the buyer and seller follow the LeaseBusters lease-take-over process checklist to complete the lease transfer transaction.

Sign on the dotted line.

​The lease-take-over buyer and seller sign off on the lease transfer contract that is drafted by the leasing company after a credit check has been approved.​

Man in a blue shirt sits a wooden table with a pen in hand reviewing paperwork. There is a set of car keys next to the paperwork on the table.

Why trust LeaseBusters?

Contact LeaseBusters today

Contact LeaseBusters today for your no-charge evaluation today. 1.888.357.2678 or [email protected]

Transfer your lease quickly and safely.

Experts in lease transfers since 1990.

Choose from over 3000 vehicles across Canada.

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