74% of Americans surveyed feel more comfortable in next vehicle purchase or lease with high-quality debt protection in place

High-quality debt protection will increase confidence amongst American consumers – research shows.

Ontario, Canada: Insurance Insight Inc’s recent market research data indicates that American consumers would feel more comfortable making their next vehicle purchase or lease with a high-quality debt protection plan in place. The survey received over 1,500 responses from consumers across the U.S., each of whom is planning a vehicle purchase within the next two years. 

“After we saw the results from our Canadian survey, we knew we wanted to do something similar with U.S. consumers. The results are very similar and all point to automotive consumers craving a safety net. The economic climate remains uncertain, and debt continues to rise making products like WALKAWAY Finance Protection more relevant than ever,” said Insurance Insight Inc. President and CEO Robert Varga.

Other key insights from the survey include:

  • 74% of respondents also said they would feel more confident in their next vehicle purchase if it came with coverage that would make their monthly payments for them if something unexpected happened (e.g. job loss, critical illness, physical disability). 
  • 64% would opt to pay for debt protection products, some up to $50/month.
  • 47% said the current state of the economy would impact their purchasing decisions.

The full details of the market research survey are available on the Insurance Insight Inc. blog. You can also download the comprehensive whitepaper and infographic for more information. Further information about WALKAWAY Finance Protection™ can be found on the corporate website. 

Insurance Insight Inc. is a 100% Canadian, licensed, specialty insurance brokerage offering a variety of high-quality products and solutions. The organization is the exclusive distributor of WALKAWAY® products in Canada. Launched in 1999, WALKAWAY® was the first-ever vehicle return policy designed to protect consumers from unexpected life events. Today, Insurance Insight Inc. works with automotive dealers, manufacturers, and lenders to distribute both life and general insurance products. The organization has been recognized as a Top Insurance Workplace two years in a row.

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