WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated expands reach into major global markets

WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated expands reach into major global markets

Insurance Insight Inc. and WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated are pleased to announce a major partnership with ADVA Underwriting

Ontario, Canada: WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated and Insurance Insight Inc. are very pleased to announce a new partnership with ADVA Underwriting, which will allow ADVA, in collaboration with its partners, to become a major distributor of WALKAWAY® insurance solutions in major automotive insurance markets in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Insurance Insight Inc.’s recent consumer research proves that high-quality debt protection products are more important to automotive consumers than ever before. Today’s economic climate and the uncertain market conditions have left consumers feeling a lack of confidence in their buying decisions, which in turn has led to the automotive industry being one of the hardest hit by the challenging economic downturn. Our proven, unique WALKAWAY® insurance solutions help with both of these problems.

“WALKAWAY® allows financed or leased customers the ability to return their car or have payments made if something unexpected happens such as job loss, disability or self-employed bankruptcy,” said Harj Sandhu, Co-Founder and Director at ADVA Underwriting. “Recent consumer surveys in North America showed that 86% of consumers would like the option to return their car should a life-changing event occur. With consumers concerned about the state of the economy, we hope to provide the much-needed confidence to the car market during these challenging times”.

“We could not be happier with this new partnership. We are very excited about expanding the reach of WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated into these key global markets,” said Robert Varga, President and CEO of WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated and Insurance Insight Inc. “Delivering true value to consumers through industry-leading debt protection products has always been the driving force of our team. We are grateful that ADVA is aligned with this approach. We know that our products will serve consumers’ best interests overseas the same way they have in Canada for over 20 years.”

In collaboration with its partners, ADVA will market WALKAWAY® solutions across the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East to auto distributors, manufacturers, financial institutions, select auto groups and insurance brokers. The expertise and experience that both teams bring to this partnership will significantly improve the customer lease and/or finance experience in these international markets. 

About Walkaway WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated:

WALKAWAY International Group Incorporated is a Canadian company and the owner of all worldwide rights, titles, and interests in WALKAWAY products and services. Launched in 1999, WALKAWAY was the first-ever vehicle return program designed to protect consumers from unexpected life events.

About ADVA Underwriting:

ADVA Underwriting is a specialist MGA backed by A-rated insurers and reinsurers focusing on Extended Warranty across all products as well as Specialty, Affinity and Lifestyle protection products. We provide third-party policy and claims administration via our web-based system for policy and claims management. We maintain offices in London and Kuala Lumpur, from which we provide insurance and reinsurance solutions across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and the Americas. ADVA Underwriting is an appointed representative of Pro MGA Solutions Ltd, an independent Managing General Agent incubator. ADVA Underwriting is the trading name of ADVA Specialty Limited, incorporated in England & Wales (No: 12490563). For more information, visit advauw.com.

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